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  • One more year, the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD) publishes the CYD 2016 Report, dedicated to the contribution of Spanish universities to development. This is one of the most outstanding studies on Higher Education and its activity in research and knowledge transfer to the productive system.

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  • Many agencies and experts identify technological innovation as one of the economic growth and sustainable development engines. They also distinguish Patents as the main mean of protecting innovation from third parties and for commercialization. CAF publishes the fourth edition of Indicators of Technological Innovation 2017 in Latin America, based on indicators of industrial property.

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  • Peru launches Special Program for Strengthening Innovation for Competitiveness, promoted by CONCYTEC. This new Program proposes a public policy for innovation designed under the following objectives: To generate company capacities for technological innovation. To raise productivity and competitiveness levels of the productive sector of the country.

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