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  • The University of Alicante in Spain launches the third edition of the Course "Strategic intelligence for innovative organizations". A certified semi-face-to-face program created to provide companies, entrepreneurs and professionals with specialized skills in strategic intelligence, taking in account the approach that strategic management, knowledge management and intellectual capital plays today in innovative organizations.

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  • Until June 18, the Argentina-Spain bilateral call is open at EUREKA, created to promote, support and finance joint technological cooperation projects of Spanish and Argentine business entities.

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  • Science and public health are keys to overcoming the global Covid-19 pandemic crisis. A challenge for which the Universities are orienting their lines of research, capacities and infrastructures, also following government guidelines. Specifically, the University of Alicante offers a specific catalog of R&D capabilities of its entities and research groups that have a close relationship with the coronavirus crisis and its extra-sanitary consequences.

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