XV Congress of RedPOP

  • Dissemination R&D
21 | August | 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina

From the 21st to the 25th of August takes place the XV Congress of RedPOP in Buenos Aires, Argentina: "Connections, new ways of science popularisation". The event takes place at the Cultural Science-C3 Centre. It will hold conferences of international level; dialogues between scientists, artists and representatives of different fields of culture; sessions of presentations of works and ideas with new formats and modalities; workshops to test and explore new cultural connections; shows and itineraries to discover and rediscover the city.

The program of the XV Congress will have the following thematic axes:

     Citizen science and community
     Popularization of science-schools
     Science, arts and technology
     Scientific journalism
     Museums, exhibits and educational materials
     Formation of popularizers
     Research and evaluation

More information: RedPop