II International Conference Smart data and Smart Cities

04 | October | 2017
Puebla, Mexico

From the 4 to the 6 of October takes place in Puebla (Mexico) the II International Conference on Smart data and Smart Cities. A smart city can be defined as a city overlaid by a digital layer, which is used not only for storing city information but overall for its governance. This conference will present novel research concerning the use of information and communication technologies in Smart Cities, and will also provide a forum for senior researchers to establish collaborations on new research projects in this domain. A smart city cannot be defined without a better involvement of citizens (smart people).

This year's conference will be organised in beautiful Puebla, Mexico, as a collaboration between the Urban Data Management Society, four universities and research centres (ITESM, UDLAP, INAOE and BUAP), T-Systems, UDMS and More information: UDMS