Innova&Action: Forecasting the future

  • Technology Watch
20 | October | 2017
Valencia, Spain

On October 20th, takes place in Valencia (Spain) the monthly meeting of Innova&Action: Forecasting the future. A space focused on developing and sharing knowledge, experiences, methodologies and tools around business innovation.

In this meeting, James Woudhuysen will explore how to forecast the future through the analysis of strategic information to anticipate changes in decision making. To do this, it will provide guidelines for judging the credibility of the new predictions and will propose some basic rules that guide the establishment of this "truth" from which more reliable approaches can be developed when making future decisions.

James Woudhuysen is an international futurist and professional speaker. He is a physicist, broadcaster, visiting professor at London South Bank University and an expert in science, e-commerce, social media and technology, as well as in its application to different industries and economies.

More information: Innova&Acción