X Workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation, CIT@Tenas 2017

  • Innovation
24 | October | 2017
Matanzas, Cuba

The X Workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation, CIT@Tenas 2017, will be held in Matanzas (Cuba) from 24th to 27th October, a space for exchange on science, technology and innovation as social, interactive, distributed and systemic processes.

In this edition, the topics to be discussed will be:

1. Social and Inclusive Innovation in Municipal Development in Cuba
2. Management of technology-based productive organizations
3. Human Capital Management in the Science, Technology and Innovation Entities (ECTI)
4. Organizational management in services, health and pedagogical processes.
5. The innovations in the new forms of management and in the socialist state enterprise
6. Knowledge management. Work on networks. Organizational learning
7. Technologies for sustainable food production
8. Technologies in advanced and sustainable manufacturing
9. Technologies for adaptation to climate change

More information: Atenas.cu