Innova&Acción: Organize to innovate

  • Innovation
01 | December | 2017
Valencia, Spain

On the 1st of December is held in Valencia (Spain) the monthly meeting of Innova & Action: Organize to innovate. A space focused on developing and sharing knowledge, experiences, methodologies and tools around business innovation.

In this new meeting Ignasi Clos will be the speaker and will explain how to create innovative organizations and how to organize to innovate. In addition, it will offer practical examples of organization for innovation and lessons learned. Then there will be a practical session based on the "iFlow" model, for the organization of innovation:

    Innovation First: how we ensure the innovation process in our organizations
Leadership: how we ensure leadership that fosters the culture of innovation in our organizations
Openness: how we ensure the creation of internal and external relationship spaces to promote dialogue and innovation
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