FLAP 2017: XXIV Latin American Congress of Parasitology

10 | December | 2017
Santiago, Chile

The XXIV Latin American Congress of Parasitology, FLAP 2017, promoted by the Chilean Society of Parasitology (SOCHIPA) aims foreseeing the participation of more than 400 international scientists. It will be held from December 10 to 14 in Santiago, Chile.

Among the main topics include: quality of life and parasitosis, social aspects of parasitic diseases, innovation in the teaching of parasitology, climate change and parasitosis, aerospace techniques in the control of parasitosis and vectors, new parasitosis reality or myth, networks electronic, its usefulness in teaching and research in Parasitology, advances in the development of vaccines in human and veterinary Parasitology.

More information: FLAP 2017