VI Congress of the Future

  • Dissemination R&D
15 | January | 2018
Santiago de Chile, Chile

The VI Congress of the Future takes place from January 15 to January 21 in Santiago, Chile. The event is a reference in the social dissemination of science and technology in Chile. It is organized by the Senate through the Challenges of the Future Commission and includes activities in eleven regions: Tarapacá, Coquimbo, Valparaíso, O'Higgins, Maule, BioBío, Araucanía, Los Lagos, Los Ríos, Aysén and Magallanes.

The great theme of this scientific promotion meeting is the awareness, especially changes from various aspects that cover issues related to climate change, artificial intelligence, ocean care and resilience. For that, the meeting gathers Nobel prizes, international and national scientists and hundreds of participants.

More information: Congress of the Future.