Professional Open Source Competitive Intelligence

  • Technology Watch
18 | January | 2018
Madrid, Spain

On January 18, the "Professional Open Source Competitive Intelligence" meeting will be held in Madrid (Spain). The event is organized by the Chair of Intelligence Services and Democratic Systems of the Rey Juan Carlos University and SCIP Spain. It will be taught by Arno HP Reuser, founder of Reuser's Information Services, who will approach from a systemic point of view the main challenges OSINT: the overwhelming number and wide variety of public available sources, different techniques of information retrieval and boom disinformation and mass manipulation.

The acronym OSINT refers to Open Source Intelligence.Therefore, the session will focus on the following strengths:

    How to use the OSINT intelligence cycle in a structured way;
How to face the main challenges OSINT: sources and methods;
Understand the model of intelligence production;
Understand the relevance of obtaining OSINT in an all-source intelligence capacity

More information: SCIP Spain.