III Big Data World Global Meeting

25 | April | 2018
Bogota, Colombia

On the 25th and 26th April is held in Bogotá (Colombia) the III World Global Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Meeting. An international event that will bring together more than 700 experts, practitioners and leading organizations in multilateral organizations and global industries.

This Big Data World Meeting will provide the opportunity to share and develop new strategies, tools and solutions to boost the investment in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects.

The topics will focus on:

Business intelligence.
    Prevention of corruption.
    Bless you.
    Management of large cities.
    Cyber Security and cyber defence.
    Oil & gas and energy
    Global experiences
    Financial sector and public finance
    Big Data strategy
    Training of scientists of data and much more.

Go to the event: Encuentro Mundial Big Data

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