IV Congress of Renewable Energies for Mining

08 | November | 2018
Lima, Perú

The IV Congress of Renewable Energies for Mining, a Latin American summit whose purpose is to promote the exchange of information to promote the use of renewable energies in mining activities, is held in Lima, Peru, on November 8.

Among its novelties, the meeting will focus on intelligent systems for the use of renewable energy sources in mining operations, exposing its advantages in reducing costs and emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as in the promotion of social responsibility policies and environmental in the sector.

Among the main themes, include:

    Government Policy for the promotion of Renewable Energies
Renewable energies in the region and in the world. The Chilean experience
Global panorama of mining, RER, energy storage and success models.
Solar, wind, biomass and geothermal projects and how they can provide services to various sectors.
Modifications to the regulatory framework for the development of the RER.
How does the RER market become a reality and what is its future?
The new technologies and their applications.
Energy efficiency

More information: Energias Renovables

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