VI ALTEC 2018 Seminar

  • Innovation
21 | November | 2018
Barquisimeto, Venezuela

The VI ALTEC 2018 Seminar is organised by the National Polytechnic Experimental University, (UNEXPO), will take place from 21 to 23 November in Barquisimeto (Venezuela).

The objective of the meeting is to socialise experiences and services, as well as the latest trends in the field of science, technology and innovation management for the economic and social development of the country.

The thematic axes of the meeting are:

1. Knowledge management to promote industry, innovation and infrastructure.

2. Management of technological innovation in companies that guarantees decent work and economic growth.

3. Innovative and technology-based ventures for responsible production and consumption.

4. R&D project management for cities and sustainable communities.

5. Tools to support R&D management for clean and affordable energy and water.

6. Technological innovation applied to social problems, quality of life, gender equality and the reduction of inequalities.

7. Technological management for sustainable development

8. The academic network: innovative experiences in cooperation, to generate alliances and the SDGs. 

9. Public framework for the promotion of science, technology and innovation

More information: ALTEC 

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