I LATmetrics

  • Dissemination R&D
28 | November | 2018
Río de Janeiro, Brasil

From the 28th to the 30th of November, the city of Niterói will host the first edition of LATmetrics – Altmetria and Open Science in Latin America. The international Colloquium will take place in the “Biomass Core” of the Fluminense Federal University an intends to promote debates about the use of alternative metrics for the development of Sciences and open scientific practices in latin american territory.
The I LATMetrics is founded in a moment of effervescence to scientific communication and the geography of science. social media and other digital environments are increasingly being used by researchers and institutions to share their personal work with society, changing the way we measure the social impact of academic production. New opportunities and a series of challenges are imposed to peripheral countries, since the coverture and quality of the data about alternative metrics are not usually compatible with the dynamics of scientific communication developed on the region.

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