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13 | February | 2019
Malaga, Spain

The 8th European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, TRANSFIERE 2019, takes place on 13 and 14 February in Malaga (Spain). It is a multi-sectorial forum for Spanish R&D and to put common technology offers and requests, to connect research with productive and business environment needs,and generate new business opportunities.

In TRANSFIERE, public and private entities have the opportunity to:

Establish B2B contacts with a networking online tool witch allow to manage up to 32 meetings prior to the event.

Establish strategic alliances. To share the knowledge of research groups from universities, Public Research Organisations and Technological centres.

Recruitment talent: To announce products, services and innovative projects and to learn about the technological request of Spanish and international companies witch invest in R&D.

Transfiere is an opportunity to approach financial markets.

Get to know technological needs of Public Administration.

Technological Challenges: Key entities choose Transfiere as the place to find an answer to their technological challenges.

First event that includes a specific area for process market enquires to public services.

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