3rd Asebio Agro-biotechnology Forum

25 | April | 2019
Madrid, Spain

On April 25 is held in Madrid (Spain) the III Asebio Agro-biotechnology Forum. A multi-sector meeting that will bring together leading biotechnology companies, technology and research centers. It is a place for companies related to the agri-food industry to learn about the latest developments in genetics, nutraceuticals, bio-packaging, as well as news in regulation and the presentation of innovative services to potential buyers or licensees.

Biotechnology applied to the agri-food field allows the development of new value products with improved and more efficient characteristics, which allow a better use of available resources and an increase in productive capacity. Some of the most outstanding advances are the development of new vegetable varieties more resistant to pests and plant stress, the development of biopesticide and microbial strains with better productive capacities, the improvement of the nutritional capacities of food, etc. Agri-food biotechnology is a great opportunity for the economic boost and the development of an increasingly sustainable and efficient sector in the use of raw materials.

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