13 | November | 2019
La Habana, Cuba

The 16th International Meeting on Knowledge Management and High Performance Companies, TECNOGEST 2019 is promoted by the Knowledge and Technology Management Company (GECYT), will take place from November 13 to 15 in Havana (Cuba). INNOMAX of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment organises the session.

The main themes will focus on:

    Management of information and knowledge. Tools
    Organizational and product innovation. Organizational development.
    Business intelligence
    Knowledge management in social networks.
    Information technologies in the management of organizations.
    Economic-financial management in the company.
    Incorporation of environmental management in productive processes and services of organizations.
    Human capital management: competences and new forms of learning.
    Integrated management from science, technology and innovation. Roles of the university, business and government in local development.

The event: GECYT

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