V Hack2Progress

15 | November | 2019
Santander, Spain

On November 15th and 16th, the V Hack2Progress is held in Santander (Spain). This is a teamwork meeting where 24-hour programmers, entrepreneurs and creatives will meet in search for innovative solutions related to cross-platform for the 2030 horizon. It is organized by CIC Consulting Informático, with the collaboration of the University of Cantabria and the City Council of Santander, and will take place in the Student House - Tower A of the University of Cantabria.

Hack2Progress is a free hackathon, where participants have food, drink snacks, office supplies and previous training that will help them achieve their goals, so they only have to worry about developing the idea; a jury, which will have the task of teaching, advising and valuing the participants; an organization that will make the protagonists feel comfortable; 24 hours to develop the idea and cash prizes.

The event: Hack2Progress

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