13th Annual Conference of Biomedical Research Technology Platforms

  • Cooperation
09 | March | 2020
Barcelona, Spain

On March 9 and 10, the 13th Annual Conference of Biomedical Research Technology Platforms is held in Barcelona (Spain), under the slogan "Innovative Drugs, Nanomedicine, Health Technology and Biotechnological Markets".

In recent years, Spain has improved in biomedical research thanks to the promotion of the health system's cooperation with the biopharmaceutical industry. However, the advancement of technological development requires continually redesigning new strategies to maintain and strengthen leadership in this area in an international context of strong competition.

Among the urgent changes, the territory needs a national strategy that promotes R&D to harness the full potential of researchers, companies, research centers in order to create social and economic value. One of the thematic challenges that the conference will address in this edition.

Access to the event: FarmaIndustria

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