Azaro Fundazioa


Azaro Fundazioa is an organization that aims to promote the creation of new companies and the improvement of the competitiveness of the business fabric in their immediate environment, becoming a reference node to accelerate processes of diversification and improve competitiveness in the territory.

Between its goals of activity are:

  • Implementation of new innovative economic activities.
  • Support companies in competitiveness improvement projects.
  • Identify new business opportunities.
  • Drive dynamics of innovation through the technology watch and competitive intelligence in enterprises and territories.

Therefore Azaro Fundazioa develops activities of Observatory and competitive intelligence for the detection and development of business opportunities, commercial, technological capabilities and management of the companies within the environment and betting on the specialization in the sector of health/healthy, to be regarded as a strategic area in which competences of the environment could renew and position the business.

azaro fundazioa sectores estrategicos

Azaro Fundazioa is certified under the standard UNE 166:006: technology watch and competitive intelligence system.

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Contact person:

Iñaki Liébana

00 34 94 616 91 72

Xemein Etorbidea, 12, 1Planta
48270 Markina - Xemein

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