BISITE: Educational technology, intelligent computer systems and bioinformatics group


The Group of bioinformatics, intelligent systems and educational technology (BISITE) of the University of Salamanca brings together a group of researchers interested in the development and application of intelligent computer systems to different types of problems, with a multidisciplinary vocation and Inter-University. multidisciplinary primarily by varied profile of its members: computer scientists, biologists , pharmacists, physicists, oceanographers and Interuniversity by researchers from several universities and research centers include economists..

Between the lines of research of BISITE focuses on applied research and technological innovation on models of Distributed Artificial Intelligence. El grupo trabaja en áreas como Inteligencia artificial, e-learning, Proyectos de I+D Bioinformática, Sistemas Multiagente, Redes de sensores, CloudComputing, tecnología educativa, inteligencia ambiental y oceanografía, entre otros. 

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