RedEmprendia Forum

The RedEmprendia Forum is an initiative led by the RedEmprendia Institute with the momentum of the University of Antioquia (Colombia) and the collaboration of OVTT. It is a series of digital meetings to boost the exchange of knowledge, the dissemination of good practices and significant experiences, the analysis and debate on transfer of R&D results, and innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin American university community. All videos and materials are accessible in the blog.


RedUE-ALCUE is an association of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) from Latin America, the Caribbean and the Europe Union developed by more than thirty universities. The ALCUE space works as the backbone of relationships between universities and the productive world, through working groups. The University of Alicante is a member of the Executive Board of the network and the OVTT coordinates the working group in technology watch.

Web conference

Virtual sessions with associates and collaborators to support organized classroom activities such as conferences, congress or workshops. They are videoconferences suited to the common interests and addressed to people interested in R&D&I. They are mainly aimed at raising awareness of the strategic value of technology watch for online innovation. Among others, some of the collaborators have been: COLCIENCIAS, SENA, CEO Antioquia and the Chair of Innovation and Business Development of the University of Costa Rica.

Workshops and training

Design and participation in multidisciplinary training programs in areas such as digital information literacy, technology watch, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, social appropriation of science and technology, strategic management of scientific and technological information and creation of strategic links and alliances with territory multipliers. The experiences have been developed in Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

Classroom conferences

Participation in classroom conferences and presentations about events on sensitizing and strengthening skills for technology transfer, entrepreneurship and technology watch, such as conferences, technical seminars, study visits, etc. directed to multipliers. For example, technology parks, business incubators, trade associations, scientific entrepreneurs, etc.


#SocialOVTT was a pilot learning experience in higher education. It was born thanks to the collaboration of professors, students and professionals. Together they learned through a real project to collaboratively investigate, explore new online learning methods and incorporate a collective and efficient use of new technologies in order to improve their work and skills as future competent professionals in the digital environment.

#MoocVT: Introduction to technology watch to undertake.

<p>#MoocVT is the first Introduction to technology watch to undertake Mooc, a massive open online course designed for entrepreneurs, researchers and companies interested in learning more about technology watch of experts of reference in Latin America. All users can learn for free and at their own pace about how to incorporate this business practice in their work. </p>

Minkay project: “ParqueSoft Pasto’s implementation of a marketing and technology transfer unit”

<p>The University of Alicante, as a companion institution through SGITT-OTRI, participates in the Minkay project for “ParqueSoft Pasto’s implementation of a marketing and technology transfer unit”, as part of the Pasto’s “Carlos César Puyana” Center for Digital and Technological Entrepreneurship (Centro de Emprendimiento Digital y Tecnológico de Pasto "Carlos César Puyana", in Spanish). The project is co-funded by Impulsa Colombia, SENA and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.</p>

“Technology watch: strategies and tools for innovation” summer course.

The University of Alicante “Rafael Altamira” Summer Courses offer this practical classroom course. The participants will learn how to get the most out of technology watch to improve decision-making in your organization or profession. It has a participative teaching methodology as well as national and international teachers of reference in the field. See all the information and register.