Antara Mussol - Semantic Competitive Intelligence

mussol antaraMUSSOL is a competitive intelligence integral solution for automation in organizations. The semantic competitive intelligence platform is offered in Saas mode (software as a service) and is specialized in capturing relevant information and analysing it automatically, to support the analyst in the strategic decision making of the organization.

MUSSOL makes the heterogeneity of information sources transparent to the analyst, whether they are: Websites (complete or partial), News RSS feeds, Newsletters or newsletters received by email, Databases (eg patents or scientific articles), Corporate repositories of documents, Social networks or the information generated by the own personnel of the organization, among others. It is a versatile tool, capable of expressing the complexity of the foci of intelligence; and flexible, allowing modifications at any time. It also applies artificial intelligence solutions to minimize the noise the analyst receives.

Among its functionalities, the tool focuses on:

    Capture early alerts that may impact the business (eg business opportunities, obstacles, etc.).
Monitor the competitive environment.
Involve the team in the process of monitoring and analysis of the environment.
Support export processes and internationalization of markets.
Implement mechanisms for active listening on products and organization.
Support the management of ideas and innovation in the organization.

MUSSOL is mainly aimed at the manufacturing and service industries (eg manufacturing, food, distribution, banking, engineering, biotech, etc.). In addition, it has been incorporated in more than 30 universities and research centers from different countries, as well as in government projects. Numerous universities rely on MUSSOL for the teaching of their students in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Innovation Management.
How does it work:
MUSSOL is marketed under the Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution model. Internally, it allows to distinguish multiple user roles, depending on the responsibilities within the Intelligence Function established by each organization. For each user role, management functions, definition of intelligence foci, source management, report writing, individual and cooperative analysis, etc., can be administered by the organization.
Main Services:
The main services that MUSSOL integrates are:

    Management of heterogeneous information sources.
Integration of external sources at the Administrator level, without programming.
Expression of complex monitoring functions quickly, in seconds.
Management of multiple levels of access and of different levels of individual involvement in the analysis.
Making intelligence reports collaboratively, and control of privacy.
Total control and statistics of the exploitation of the system.

Digital identity: