Anticipates 360


Anticipates 360 is an organization specialized in strategic monitoring and competitive intelligence, which brings together a team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in methodology, strategy, internationalization and communications.

The current environment imposes on us the need to reduce risks when we make strategic decisions. For this reason, it is essential to know with rigour and detail everything that happens and affects the professional activity that we perform, as well as sales and revenues at its market. Strategic monitoring and competitive intelligence services are a support in business management, including monitoring and systematisation of the capture of key information from the environment, reports to measure, implementation of specialized software and training, among others.

Anticipates 360 has participated in hundreds of projects of technology watch and competitive intelligence, developed their own methodologies and perfecting systems for capturing information thanks to the choice of the best software.

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Carmen Sanjurjo San Martin
communication Manager


Parque Comercial Galaria
V No. 3 office 2A Calle
31131 Cordovilla NAVARRA (Spain)

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