BIOINNOVA is the National Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation for sustainable productive development Biodiversity Technological University of Chocó "Diego Luis Cordoba". It has the backing of the governor of Choco and the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation COLCIENCIAS.

BIOINNOVA is a project designed as a national strategy with local, regional and global significance to lead the development of Colombian biodiversity and economically sustainable resource of local, regional and national communities. Among its missions is to integrate institutions, organizations in the region, national and international, to create a solid partnership in knowledge and innovation that can be transferred to different communities and at the service of the community with a vision of environmental sustainability, social and economic. That is, BIOINNOVA is projected as a centre to boost competitiveness in the use of biodiversity and the integral development of the inhabitants of the area of ​​influence.

Its strategic objectives are:

  • Validate the ancestral knowledge, from Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities from the perspectives of knowledge dialogue.
  • Implement strategies for research, innovation and knowledge management, which puts BIOINNOVA on the border of knowledge on biodiversity of the Chocó.
  • Contribute to the development of innovative products and services highly competitive, resulting from the regional biodiversity, aimed at satisfying the domestic and international demand ..
  • Contribute to strengthening the technical technical and scientific capacity at regional and national level, by developing human resources (researchers and innovators) at Masters and PhDs in the basic lines of knowledge and use of biodiversity, and with regional relevance .
  • Establish partnerships with countries, universities, technology development centres, productivity centres, business incubators, technology-based, national and international parks, NGOs, developing its strategic platform.
  • Implement outreach programs and knowledge transfers management of innovative and responsible businesses with the environment, acting as a business centre of technology-based entrepreneurial projects and providing a fair and equitable communities in the benefits of research participation.
  • Designing an innovative and inclusive education strategy of social appropriation of knowledge to develop a growth pole, economic, social and cultural around the regional biodiversity.

His recent projects include the entrepreneurship Lab for local entrepreneurs and organization of the Wheel of Bio-business.

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Quibdó, Chocó-Colombia

+57 (6)726565 -Ext.1: 5026, Ext. 2: 6029
Twitter: @bioinnovaorg