Report: Blockchain for Agrifood

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
This report documents experiences and findings from the public private partnership (PPP) project‘ Blockchain for Agrifood’ that was started in March 2017.
The project aims to contribute to a better understanding of the blockchain technology (BCT) and its implications for agrifood, especially how itcan impact specific aspects of supply chains and what is needed to apply BCT to agrifoodchains. A second aim of this project is to conceptualise and develop a proof of concept in an application based on a use case concerning table grapes from South Africa where BCT could be applied.
This has been done by building a demonstrator that keeps track of different certificates involved in the table grapes supply chain. The code of this demonstrator is published at Github.
Furthermore, the project explore issues regarding the relevance, applicability and implications of BCT for the agrifood sector through literature study and stakeholder consultation.
More information: "Blockchain for Agrifood"

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