Campus Technology Foundation of Algeciras


Campus Technology Foundation of Algeciras is an institution promoted by the Ministries of Innovation, Science and Business, Education and Employment of the Junta de Andalucia, the University of Cádiz and the city of Algeciras in order to meet the needs of society to improve their quality of life and economic development of the Bay of Algeciras.

This foundation consituye an innovative project that integrates the training set, training research and linked to the knowledge society through a unique structure that coordinates vocational training, vocational training, higher education and centers R & D innovation Algeciras Bay and its surroundings.

In this framework, include lines of action:

  • Development of vocational training modules linked to the demand for industrial and business environment needs the Bay of Algeciras and its potential developments.
  • Establishment of vocational training modules linked to the demand for local industrial and business needs and potential developments.
  • Creating an Advanced Technology Center that provides answers to industrial and business needs of the Bay of Algeciras and productive environment.
  • Development and management of training capacities in the petrochemical port and logistics sector.
  • Strengthening the generation, dissemination and transfer of knowledge from the University of Cadiz in the field of CampusTecnológico area.
  • Configuring curricular training content and specific postgraduate degrees adapted to the industrial reality of the sector.
  • Promote interconnection with other national and international centers Technological Innovation and the Technology Network of Andalusia (RETA).
  • Promotion, development and participation in projects of R + D + I, regional, national, but with special concern for international participation.
  • Performing advisory work, study, diagnosis, advice and other support to other public or private entities in their own subject matter.
  • Dissemination of new technologies, techniques and technological developments relevant to the productive sectors, especially the permanent technological and prospective surveillance in their area of ​​interest.

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