CAPSI: Argentine Chamber of Integrated Security Professionals


The Argentine Chamber of Integrated Security Professionals (CAPSI) is a non-governmental organization that brings together security specialists and professionals. It is a space for development and dissemination of knowledge, technologies and specialized tools in management models.

The CAPSI objectives are:

    To promote interdisciplinary and inter-organizational integration and cooperation;
    To foster agreements with public organizations and private organizations; to promote academic research;
    To propose security initiatives among national, provincial or municipal authorities of the Argentine Republic or foreign States with accredited diplomatic or consular representation;
    To integrate commissions and public, private or mixed agencies, national or international, whose purpose is the study, analysis, advice, request or application of measures that interest the activities involved.

The activity is organised through regional chapters, connected through a collaborative ecosystem where the public, private, scientific and social sectors related to security converge, see: "La Inteligencia estratégica como intrumento fundamental para la toma de decisiones".

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Address: Gorriti 186, Rosario. Santa Fe, Argentina. 

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