Centre for Prospective Studies (CEP) - Universidad Nacional de Cuyo


The Centre for Prospective Studies (CEP) of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina, aims to promote the application of foresight methodologies in order to create new links among the society and the University.

Among the objectives of the Centre are:

  • To develop intervention strategies to promote the implementation and development of the foresight and strategic planning, systematizing and relating the different existing initiatives in this matter. To update, improve and training in foresight and strategic planning.
  • To cooperate and advise private and public institutions from providing information and prospective knowledge for strategic decision making.
  • To serve as a nexus for the requests and offers by prospective and strategic issues of the community in general.
  • To articulate and participate in inter-agency cooperation of national and international networks.

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Director: Mgter. Luis Ragno.

Co-Director: Lic. Javier Vitale.

Address: Mendoza, Argentina.

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