Spanish Association of scientific and technological entrepreneurs


The Spanish Association of scientific and technological entrepreneurs, AEEC, is a non-profit that is born of the need to create a common space, linking active and useful way to different areas involved in scientific and technological venture in Spain. Its mission is to facilitate the creation of science and technology-based companies, from the (public or private) scope of the research to the business world.

This Association was created to ensure the interests and aspirations of all its members, whether they are researchers, students or professionals who have created (or are in the process of creating) their scientific or technological-base company, betting on innovation and the transmission of knowledge, since the integration of all areas involved.

Recently, have been held the Symposium "Undertake science in troubled times", an event aimed at entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in general, whose round tables addressed different aspects that characterize the undertaking in the field of science and technology, from the legal aspects of its Constitution to the obtaining of financing of capital risk, as well as the presentation and debate of success stories of companies spin-offs and start-ups from various scientific and technological fields.

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