Regional Centre for productivity and innovation of the Cauca


The Productivity and innovation of the Cauca Regional Center (CREPIC) was created in 2000 to improve the competitiveness of the regional organizations in Colombia, through the articulation and development of capacities for innovation and productivity of their actors in order to raise their quality of life.

Since its inception, the CREPIC has focused efforts on the strengthening of the regional productive and social sector providing support for agrocadenas with the technical and financial assistance of actors such as COLCIENCIAS, the Colombia program at Georgetown University, ADAM program, MIDAS, USAID, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, industry and tourism, Colombia International Corporation, DANSOCIAL, ANDI, Association of municipalities of the North of Cauca and INNpulsa, the Colombia Foundation for education and the opportunity to , among others. From the year 2012, CREPIC is recognized by COLCIENCIAS as technology development center thanks to its efforts in the development of applied research and leadership in processes of social appropriation of science, technology and innovation.

CREPIC strategic performance guidelines are:

  • Business partnership and institutional.
  • education for productivity and competitiveness.
  • Scientific, technological development and innovation.
  • Organizational strengthening.

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Address: Carrera 7 N ° 4-36 third floor building Chamber of Commerce of Cauca. Colombia.

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