Technology & Innovation Agenda

November 2018

On November the 6th, takes place the Open Innovation Summit 2018 in Bogotá (Colombia). The event is about Intelligent Specialization and productive strategy of Bogotá - Region. It is oriented to become a connection space for supply and request in innovation and entrepreneurship in Colombia.

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  • Innovation
Bogotá, Colombia
06 | November | 2018

The IV Congress of Renewable Energies for Mining, a Latin American summit whose purpose is to promote the exchange of information to promote the use of renewable energies in mining activities, is held in Lima, Peru, on November 8.

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  • Energy
Lima, Perú
08 | November | 2018

The XV Ibero-American Seminar for the Exchange in Science and Technology Management for Sustainable Development IBERGECYT 2018 will take place in Havana (Cuba) from November 14 to 16.

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  • Governance
La Habana, Cuba
14 | November | 2018

From the 15th to the 16th of November takes place in Bizkaia Aretoa UPV/EHU (Bilbao) the Meeting about Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence for innovation, Visio 2018 Conference.

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  • Technology Watch
Bilbao, Spain
15 | November | 2018

On November 16 and 17 takes place the IV Hack2Progress in Santander (Spain), a team work meeting where programmers, entrepreneurs and creatives will meet for 24 hours in search of innovative solutions related to big data and energy.

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  • Entrepreneurship
Santander, Spain
16 | November | 2018

The VI ALTEC 2018 Seminar is organised by the National Polytechnic Experimental University, (UNEXPO), will take place from 21 to 23 November in Barquisimeto (Venezuela).

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  • Innovation
Barquisimeto, Venezuela
21 | November | 2018

El 23 de noviembre se celebra en Alicante (España) el I Congreso Internacional de Inteligencia Artificial, promovido por Suma Gestión Tributaria y en el que participarán ponentes de empresas referentes como Apple, Amazon, Vodafone o IBM, instituciones como el CSIC o Naciones Unidas, así como universidades, emprendedores y startups.

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  • ICT & Electronics
Alicante, Spain
23 | November | 2018

From the 28th to the 30th of November, the city of Niterói will host the first edition of LATmetrics – Altmetria and Open Science in Latin America.

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  • Dissemination R&D
Río de Janeiro, Brasil
28 | November | 2018

November 2018