Technology & Innovation Agenda

January 2020

From January 2 to 4, the International Scientific Meeting on Society, Technology, Innovation, Mathematics and Art is held in Lima (Peru), focused on STEAM skills.

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  • Dissemination R&D
Lima, Peru
02 | January | 2020

From January 13 to 17, the 9th Congress of the Future is held in Santiago, Chile, a reference event in the social dissemination of science and technology organized as a cross-cutting initiative by the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation (FEF) together with the Commission Challenges of the Future of the Senate and will be present in 8 questions of the country.

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  • Governance
Santiago de Chile, Chile
13 | January | 2020

From January 22 to 24, FITURTECHY 2020 is held in Madríd (Spain). The event is specialized in technology and innovation for the tourism sector of FITUR and organized by the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH).

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  • Turism
Madrid, Spain
22 | January | 2020

On January 24, the Intellectual Property Forum is held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), promoted by ICC Bolivia with SENAPI and CARROT. The purpose of this is to inform decision-makers and entrepreneurs in the business sector about the opportunities and risks of brands, procedures, requirements and protection mechanisms.

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  • Patents
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
24 | January | 2020

From January 28 to 30, Energy Mexico 2020 is celebrated in Mexico City (Mexico). A reference event for the energy industry, in which participants will be able to know the latest technological solutions, have contact with experienced leaders of the sector , approach innovative forms of project financing, recruit talent and access new sources for the supply of goods and services.

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  • Energy
Mexico City
28 | January | 2020

January 2020