IBERCIVIS Foundation


IBERCIVIS is a citizen science initiative composed of a volunteer computing platform and a series of experiments that allow the scientific community to leverage two of the most powerful tools available today: the ability of the computer and the human brain.

IBERCIVIS founding entities are:

  • University of Zaragoza
  • CSIC
  • Red.es
  • Ikerbasque Foundation
  • Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation
  • Government of Aragon
  • Economy and Competitiveness Ministry

Through its virtual platform concerned citizens can participate in scientific research directly and in real time. In addition, IBERCIVIS has four networks that together, scientists and society is to build a social brain that would lead to study and solve many aspects of daily life. These networks are:

  • Computer network.
  • Network talent.
  • Sensor network.
  • Network experiments.

More information: IBERCIVIS