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The University of Alicante in Spain launches the third edition of the Course "Strategic intelligence for innovative organizations". A certified semi-face-to-face program created to provide companies, entrepreneurs and professionals with specialized skills in strategic intelligence, taking in account the approach that strategic management, knowledge management and intellectual capital plays today in innovative organizations.


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Technology Reports on Energy Sector

The present Bulletin in the Energy Sector includes the special section "Photocatalytic concrete activated by visible light for the cleaning of the air" that offers a vision of the technological trends, markets, news , as well as to detect emerging technologies that could go to obsolescence. Also, recognize new actors and technologies that enter the market; and, in general, offer information on the evolution and be able to contribute to decision-making in the sector. In addition, information on calls, assistance and events in the energy sector is also offered.

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The Ibero-American Industrial Property Program IBEPI publishes the IV Ibero-American Bulletin of Technological Information in the Wind Energy Sector. The bulletin presents patents in the Latin American countries that make up this program and have been published during 2016.

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