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MOOCVT 2: Technology Monitoring: tools and strategies to innovation is a MOOC course aimed at all those interested in innovation especially companies, entrepreneurs and researchers. It's an opportunity to learn how to use business practices to make the most of strategic and technological information in the business.

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The application fields of wireless sensors has been constantly expanding. The possibility of creating extensive integrated management platforms for monitoring, data capture, and remote control in real time through wireless sensors has provided a powerful tool for the development of  services applications in economic sectors such as: agriculture, industrial or public administration.

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The challenge of digital transformation imposes the balance between the opportunities for progress and the threats inherent in an increasingly interconnected world, with value chains without borders and organizations without frontiers. Cybersecurity is a top priority. The Industry 4.0 Report is a tool to whom wants be updated regarding news, patents, policies, partners, projects, etc

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