Hotbeds of Research at the University of Nariño


The Hotbed of Research at the University of Nariño is constituted as a flexible and dynamic educational strategy and, based on teamwork, it represents a space for discussion, dialogue, consultation and independent learning that promotes freedom of thought and action around interdisciplinarity. Research seedbeds are articulated through the RedCOLSI, a pioneer in the development process of large-scale Formative Research in Colombia.

semillero investigación nariño

This seed is contextualized in the student movement of Research Semilleros Colombia, born in 1995, led by young people. This is characterized by its spontaneous origin of autonomous nature and dynamic diversity. Their common basic principles are aimed at promoting more research and comprehensive academic training, contributing to project a participatory education where the question is praise, is learning to learn and the ability to work together to strengthen fostering an interdisciplinary culture where it stays awake the sense of wonder and curiosity about the complexity of life.

In practice, the seedlings in their research training exercise allow adolescents, young and ethical and holistic practitioners in the field of research from different areas of knowledge. Create opportunities for the development of thought and resolution of local, regional and national problems as a result.


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