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Contact OVTT:
Observatory for Technology Transfer

Institutional Projects
Servicio de Gestión de la Investigación y Transferencia de Tecnología
Universidad de Alicante
03690 Alicante, Spain

Tel: + 34 965903400, 2517
Fax: + 34 965903803

The Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) is a collaborative project that articulates its activities through the Collaborators Network, with the purpose to connect research and business opportunities in Latin America.

By connecting your organization to our network you can benefit from advantages and new opportunities for technological cooperation, such as:

  • Support in dissemination and promotion of activities and innovative projects: for example, publishing events in the Innovation Agenda, though Technology Alerts and in social networks.
  • Linking the digital tools, Observa and Technology Alerts to your site.
  • Profitable use of digital tools for technology surveillance.
  • Identification of sectorial information sources from Latin America.    
  • Mutual exchange of know-how based on experience.  
  • Organization of joint awareness-raising and training activities to improve networking and digital skills for technology watch and strategic intelligence.
How to become part of the Network:

It is very simple, just contact us through:, and fill in the Network Form.

Ways to collaborate with us:

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