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i3Code Solutions is a company dedicated to the development of software solutions to increase productivity, specializing in knowledge management and strategic oversight. Brings together a multidisciplinary team with expertise in various productive sectors, including construction, energy, agricultural, educational, health and industrial sectors.

Currently, i3Code Solutions is focused on developing products for managing innovation, through two main lines: customized development solutions oriented to strategic monitoring as a search tool and value of patents and scientific publications; and the provision of consulting services, advice and training to different customers and organizations.

In the ​strategic monitoring scope, the company has developed i3Vigila software to help market trends foresee, both in latest technology developments and  business opportunities, in order to support decision-making. The system allows technology monitoring to extract information from environment and offer information analysis for competitive intelligence in the company. They have developed their own algorithm based on semantic analysis allowing categorization and putting into value of the automatization of the information.

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Pablo Martinez Diez info@i3code.es

Phone: 948 045 973

Address: Polígono Noáin-Esquíroz C / O # 2, 4th of plant. 410-31110 Noáin (Navarra)

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