Science and Technology Indicators

The Observatory for Technology Transfer offers an introductory approach to the most relevant Indicators in Science, Technology and Innovation in Latin America region. 

The international organizations are responsible for developing guidelines and methodology manuals to ensure international comparability of indicators. In each Latin American country there are a main statistical office that produce indicators used in scientific production and technological innovation.

Indicators in Science, Technology and Innovation are tools of measurement, analysis and international comparison of Research, Technological Development and Innovation (R&D&I) activities. They provide relevant statistical data to evaluate, compare and make decisions on public policies and business strategies key issues in Knowledge Society.

See the main methodological manuals published by international organizations  on Indicators for Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Updated information  on statistics and R&D indicators for  Latin American countries, such as: state of investment in R&D, patents, innovation, etc..

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Access to the main institutions that produce development indicators of R&D for the different Latin American Innovation Systems.

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