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ALERTS is a Technology Monitoring Alert System, which provides updated information about science, technology and innovation produced in Latin America. A easy and free register is required to fits your professional preferences and sector interests. The system is design to detect technology and innovation context early signs that match with the user preferences. This information can be processed and transformed into useful knowledge for decision-making.

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Through the technology monitoring alerts you will find:

  • Current events.
  • Updated news.
  • Articles, publications and papers.
  • Trade fairs and conventions.
  • Laws and regulations.
  • Innovative projects.
  • Good practices and success stories.
  • Calls and grants.
  • Contacts and collaborators.

How does it works:

The Technology Monitoring Alert System requires user registration to provide a personalized information service to meet the user needs. For that, the user has to access the registration form, fill the data and choose the preferences. Those will be the relevant criteria for the system to select the information required. The system will detect, retrieve, classify and  rank the results and process a resume for the alerts summary.

The preferences are set according to:

Professional profile of the user.
Topics of interest in knowledge transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Preferred activity sectors.
Countries of interest.

On the registration form, the user will also indicate the receiving way and frequency of the Alerts, choosing among: online, weekly e-mail or daily e-mail.

Once registered, the alert system will check every day the most relevant information sources and automatically detect, classify and prioritize the data according to user interests. Thus, and based on the selected activity sector and countries, it will offer a summary of news and events related to innovation, technology cooperation, intellectual property, technology market, development and research, financing, entrepreneurship, technology watch, scientific dissemination, etc.

The user’s preferences can be changed at any time to improve the results that meet information needs.

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