Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a decisive stage in technology and innovation management processes. An efficient IP management allows organizations to use their intellectual property assets to increase their innovation capacity and their competitive advantages on the market.

In fact, providing adequate legal and strategic protection to the obtained research results produces assets for the organization, allowing it to strength its R&D marketing capabilities. These assets are decisive for IP contractual agreements, licensing know-how or economic transactions, among other operations. In turn, databases of available patents and trademarks offer users vital technological and commercial information to be up to date and develop technology watch practices.



IP offices

Know the intellectual and industrial property mechanisms and the formal and legal forms established to protect research results and knowledge production.

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See the signed international agreements governing knowledge protection and their territorial scope and application sector requests.

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Access the major organizations related to Intellectual Property in Latin American countries, responsible for processing applications and useful information sources for internationalization.

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