• Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is one of the main networks for technology transfer and promotion of companies with international reach. See online its technology supply and demand and its business-partner-search to participate in calls for European R&D&I programs.

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In the stages of technology promotion and marketing, technology marketplaces are online platforms for technological mediation. They are increasingly useful tools for dissemination and use of research capabilities and results. Their success goes with the implementation of companies and scientific institutions in more spread new transfer models, such as open innovation.

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Marketplaces find technological cooperation opportunities through the publication and dissemination of technological supply and demands from inventors, researchers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and institutions that give support in the technology promotion and marketing processes.

There is a wide marketplaces variety. They can be general or specific, but they can also disseminate technological supplies and demands, or just technological supplies. The latter case is that of many universities, research centers and technological institutes, which have websites to promote the organization technological supply and even their patent portfolios.

The most important marketplaces are:

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