Miniera S.L.


Miniera S.L. is a company specializing in competitive intelligence and technological vigilance, with more than 14 years of experience. Your team has the collaboration of a wide international network of companies and specialists to develop research and intelligence consulting projects. Through its delegates and representatives, it is present in: Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and USA.

Currently, the activity of mine is includes in the following areas of services:
  • Software "MiraIntelligence" of intelligence competitive and surveillance technology, platforms and applications computer specialized to give support to the tasks of intelligence competitive and surveillance technology of organizations.
  • Consulting, specialized in the development of units of surveillance technology and reinforcement of the capabilities of them already existing, through a methodology own implemented in experiences as it developed in prospecting, Center of intelligence e innovation of the cluster of the sector footwear in the State of Guanajuato (Mexico), BIDI-FAI Center of intelligence competitive (Brazil), the Observatory technological IDITS (Argentina) or the lab pharmaceutical (Mexico).
  • Research, studies and reports specialized on the environment of the organization.
  • Training, with a broad portfolio of seminars and workshops of short and medium duration.

Miniera has developed solutions complete and comprehensive of surveillance technology and intelligence competitive for organizations public and private. Some examples are:

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