Research and Technological Development Unit (NIDTEC), National University of Asunción


The Research and Technological Development Unit (NIDTEC) of the National University of Asunción is a research centre oriented to develop new technological solutions, based on scientific knowledge and advanced technological tools for energy, the environment and industry, with the aim to contributing to the sustainable knowledge, competitiveness and security of Paraguay.

The principles guiding its action are based on:

     Ethics: the goal is to conduct research and development in a safe and responsible manner.
     Innovation: priority is given to technology transfer and industry know-how.

NIDTEC specializes in excellence and guides to cooperation towards the exchange of knowledge, the research dissemination and participation in collaborative projects, both national and international.

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Address: Oficina F32, Bloque F
Facultad Politécnica
Campus Universitario

Asunción, Paraguay

Telephone: 0021 5887228

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