PILA Network


The PILA Network is the Network of Intellectual and Industrial Property formed by institutions of education and research of Latin America and Europe. Its mission is to strengthen cooperation between Latin American Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in all aspects related to Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation, promoting mutual assistance for the consolidation of Intellectual Property management actions.

Its general objective is to create a learning platform to exchange management practices in Intellectual Property within the HEIs of Latin America, with the purpose of encouraging interaction between universities, companies and governments, thus contributing to innovation for development Economic and social development of Latin American countries.

In 2010, the founding partners adhered to the "Constitution and Operation Agreement of the PILA Network - Intellectual and Industrial Property Network", whose purpose is to guarantee the sustainability of the actions initiated during the execution of the PILA-Network project and to strengthen the integration, The joint training and the activities of management of the intellectual property and the innovation of the HEIs of Latin America. At present, more than 50 institutions from all Ibero-America integrate this network.

Among its activities, the PILA Network offers:

  • Training actions.
  • Analysis and studies.
  • Support for regional policies.
  • Services of the PILA Network.
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Permanent Secretariat PILA Network (UTP Headquarters). Tecnology University of Panama
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