Center of management of technology and innovation, CeGesTec+i, of the Universidad Simón Bolívar


The Center of management of technology and innovation, CeGesTec+i, the University Simón Bolívar of Venezuela gives high-level professional response to the requirements of management of technology and innovation in Venezuelan society, both in its productive sector and in the social sphere, from research, teaching and extension.

With the aim of generating knowledge with global reach and local relevance, contributing to promote the management of technology, innovation and knowledge institutions and partners of different nature CeGesTec+i develops its activity in three fields of action: research, training and consultancy, through the creation of multidisciplinary teams, national e international.  

Online, CeGesTec+i has experience in the following areas :

  • Management of technology and innovation in the organization.
  • Management of knowledge and intellectual capital in organizations.
  • Technological and innovation of companies and industry sectors capacities.
  • Mechanisms of technology transfer. Management of intellectual property (IP).
  • Open innovation («Open Innovation»).
  • Technology watch and competitive intelligence. Technology alerts. Foresight studies.
  • Productive articulation strategies: partnerships, collaboration, and innovation networks. Development of productive chains and «cluster» business.
  • Strengthening the capacities of CTI in institutions of higher education.
  • Relations sector production. Design of interface units.
  • Bibliometrics and Scientometrics.

CeGesTec+i takes part in the first edition of #MoocVT with the case study "experience of surveillance technology in Venezuela. Venezuelan industrial chemicals company. A product, multiple applications", which can be performed for free in Module 5 of the course.

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Contact details:

María Antonia Cervilla + 58-212-9063772

Maribel Rodríguez de Pepe + 58-212-9063770

Aura Troconis + 58-212-9063771

Direccion: Sartenejas, Baruta, Edo. Miranda - paragraph 89000 Cable Unibolivar Caracas Venezuela.

Digital identity:

Twitter: @Cegestec_USB