Science and Technology Park of Huelva


The Science and Technology Park of Huelva (PCTH) is a space of excellence, designed as a modern infrastructure, open to new technologies and innovation, and designed to welcome companies and entities in the province of Huelva that develop a new concept of technopolis , where renewable energies and respect for the environment are a priority.

The PCTH has four main objectives: to foster a new economic model that feeds on the generation of knowledge, to strengthen the local industry by taking advantage of the scientific research generated in the research centers located in the province, to attract foreign investment by improving the supply of industrial High quality and, above all, socio-economically transform the province of Huelva.

The infrastructure and equipment of the PCTH focuses on:

Technical scientific services.

Research centers or technical departments of companies.
Installation of companies in sectors with high economic growth.
Business incubator.
Management and administrative services.
Technical Office "Huelva Industrial".

The sectors of activity that cover their companies are, transversally, sustainability and ICTs, and specifically, agri-food, advanced chemical industry, tourism, mining and energy.

Recently, among its main activities and projects, highlight initiatives such as: 

Network of Knowledge Agents of the Province of Huelva

Socially Responsible Territory

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