International Congress of Energy Managers

25 | January | 2018
Valladolid, Spain
On the 25 - 26th of January, takes place the 1st International Congress of Energy Managers, promoted by the National Federation of Energy Managers. the event is held in Valladolid (Spain) under the slogan "Energy management as an impulse to change the energy model" and aims to bring together the multidisciplinary professionals involved in the field of Energy, Energy Efficiency and the Environment.
The purpose of this first congress is to define a strategy for the real transformation of the energy market, starting with the reduction of demand, training of responsibles and the use of the most sustainable formulas for energy generation.
The proposed papers will deal with:


European Commission on energy issues.
Energy Ministry- IDAE.
Autonomous energy entities.
Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP)
Industry sector
Service sector.
Relevant professionals in energy and management issues.

In addition, the conference will include a session to address the potential of competitive intelligence in this process of business transformation, which will include exchange of experiences, knowledge and synergies among industry agents, public entities and business agents.
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