Ibero-American Observatory of Science, Technology and Society


The Ibero-American Observatory of Science, Technology and Society (CTS) is the institutional framework in which projects such as the Intelligo explorer are developed and promoted by the Center for Higher University Studies (CAEU) of the Organization of Ibero-American States ( OEI).

The search, processing and dissemination of information is the main focus of attention for the CTS Observatory. To this end, the most important task of the CTS Observatory is to obtain evidence about the capacities, challenges and opportunities of the countries of Latin America in science and technology, as well as their skills in the practice of scientific research, Technological development and innovation. Also the scientific culture forms part of the central nucleus of its preoccupations, to the extent that the citizen participation is a necessary condition for the democratization of the decision making in these subjects of strategic nature.

Since 2009, the Observatory has been associated with the Ibero-American and Inter-American Network of Indicators of Science and Technology (RICYT). The 15-year history of RICYT in the production of quantitative information is combined with the qualitative view of the regional capacities carried out by the CTS Observatory. This synergy is a powerful instrument for the diagnosis of science, technology and innovation in Latin American countries. For this reason, the CTS Observatory and RICYT join forces to consolidate the scientific programming that the Ibero-American Knowledge Space (EIC) will implement, following the mandate of the Lisbon Summit, and to facilitate the achievement of the 2021 Targets.

The themes that make up the agenda of the CTS Observatory explore the opportunities available to the Ibero-American countries to strengthen and mobilize their resources in science and technology, within the framework of the EIC, in order to promote innovation and respond to social demands. For this reason, the agenda is dynamic and will be constantly updated to the extent that the most prominent actors raise the need to address new issues.

The programming consists of several components, within which certain activities are developed based on an annual schedule. For the development of its program, the CTS Observatory has the support of university networks of excellence in Latin American countries, which allow an interdisciplinary approach in carrying out its studies and reports.

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